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Peterborough City Council’s Sustainable Drainage Team has a diverse background.

We’ve worked with national government on the implementation of SuDS, were part of the Project Steering Group for the new SuDS Manual C753 and are helping other authorities understand and achieve their responsibilities under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.

This variety of experience allows us to provide the following services to both the private and public sector:

  • Assessing Land Drainage Consent applications
  • Drainage and Flood Risk advice as a consultee to the Local Planning Authority
  • Technical vetting of drainage systems
  • Construction and maintenance inspections
  • Planning and delivering civil engineering schemes
  • Delivery of training for Lead Local Flood Authority and/or Local Planning Authority on SuDS and Schedule 3 of the FWMA
  • Delivery of strategies and policies

These services can be tailored to suite the customers’ requirements with any inquiries being directed to or 01733 747474.

Public Sector Services

In the public sector we are currently providing Lead Local Flood Authority services to Rutland County Council and Luton Borough Council, as well as SuDS planning advice to several Local Planning Authorities.

Private Sector Services

In the private sector we have just taken on construction and maintenance inspections with a large developer on a site of approximately 2500 residential dwellings. This involves us inspecting as the SuDS go in the ground, writing a maintenance package for the SuDS on site and helping the Community Trust understand their responsibilities once the site is handed over to them.

Pre-application Advice

We offer pre-application advice along with our planning team. Please visit the Council’s Planning pre-application advice page for further information.

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