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The government have announced that…

As of April [2015] all major planning applications will have to demonstrate the use of sustainable drainage as part of their development.”

SuDS Principles

Peterborough City Council encourages all new development and redevelopment that requires planning permission to use SuDS in order to reduce flood risk, improve water quality and present options for biodiversity and public amenity. This is consistent with existing national guidance and local planning policy.

SuDS in Planning

SuDS will be a material planning consideration and therefore details must be submitted as early as possible in the planning process. We would advise developers to consider SuDS as early possible, preferably at the master planning stage.

It is envisaged that the local planning authority will have to consult the Lead Local Flood Authority, as Peterborough is a unitary authority, we are both. This means the Council will need to review and approve drainage plans and strategies for development sites before any construction can start on site. Until this happens, Peterborough City Council will continue to strive towards the pursuit of SuDS in all development.

In the meantime if you need further information about this future process please visit the Defra SuDS webpages, view the ministerial statement or contact our Sustainable Drainage team by emailing

Requirements at the planning stage

✓   Detailed site layout at an identified scale (1:200 or 1:500 or as appropriate, or any other scale agreed) with a North point
✓   Topographical survey of the site, including cross-sections of any adjacent water courses for appropriate distance upstream and downstream of discharge point if appropriate (as agreed)
✓   Full design calculations and design parameters to demonstrate conformity with the design criteria for the site
✓   Long sections and cross sections for the proposed drainage system
✓   Suitable Construction Details
✓   Plan of proposed drainage system with catchment areas including impermeable areas and phasing
✓   Details of connections (including flow control devices) to watercourses, sewers, public surface water sewers, highway drains and SuDS
✓   Details of any offsite works required, together with any necessary consents
✓   Operational characteristics of any mechanical features including maintenance and energy requirements
✓   Plan demonstrating flooded areas for the 1 in 100 year storm when system is at capacity and demonstrating flow paths for design for exceedance
✓   Access arrangements for all proposed drainage systems
✓   Management plan for all non-adopted drainage (more applicable for single property)
✓   Landscape planting scheme if proposing vegetated drainage system
✓   Plan for management of construction impacts including any diversions, erosion control, phasing and maintenance period (pre-adoption)
✓   Health and safety plan, if appropriate, considering areas of open water and confined space entry
✓   Ground investigation, including infiltration test results, where appropriate
✓   Water quality details – awaiting a steer from the Environment Agency on requirements
✓   Indicative maintenance schedule
✓   Programme for construction

For a large site or multi-plot development

The following (if not already contained within the drainage strategy or sustainable drainage design code)

✓   Full details of individual development plot discharge and storage constraints
✓   Full details of responsibility for controlling the overall surface water management of the site

This list is not exhaustive, depending on your site conditions further information may be required. We strongly recommend you contact the Sustainable Drainage Team at Peterborough City Council for pre-application advice. 

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