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Peterborough SuDS is a website to help inform, educate and promote the use of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) on all developments.

The website has been developed by Peterborough City Council‘s Sustainable Drainage Team to provide advice and help in a fairly new sector of drainage within developments. Land drainage is nothing new in Peterborough, we’ve been doing it for hundreds of years. This is about going back to our roots and making surface water visible again.

Peterborough SuDS
What Are SuDS?

What Are SuDS?

SuDS are a way of mimicking natural drainage in a built environment. Instead of putting surface water into pipes under the ground, water is allowed to stay at the surface where it is cleaned and stored, preventing flooding and improving the quality of the water before it either soaks into the ground or discharges to a watercourse, this also allows for biodiversity to be created.

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Peterborough SuDS

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Association of SuDS Authorities

ASA - Association Of SuDS Authorities

Formerly known as LASOO (Local Authority SuDS Officer Organisation) the Association of SuDS Authorities (ASA) offer one voice to promote and provide consistency on SuDS Nationally.

Through discussions with Lead local Flood Authorities (LLFA’s) across the country support was given to the creation of a formal association supporting the delivery of sustainable drainage.

ASA is a member organisation whose aim is to promote and develop the use of sustainable drainage within all new developments.

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