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We have produced a number of guidance documents that help explain sustainable drainage systems, how they work and the range of benefits they offer. Currently we have our first guide, an introduction to SuDS, available to view online or download.

Sustainable Drainage: Design & Evaluation Guide

This guide links the design of SuDS with the evaluation requirements of planning in a sequence that mirrors the SuDS design process.

This guide promotes the idea of integrating SuDS into the fabric of development: using the available landscape spaces as well as the construction profile of buildings. This approach provides more interesting surroundings, cost benefits, and simplified future maintenance.

This guide begins by giving a background context for SuDS design. Next, the three accepted design stages are described: Concept Design, Outline Design and Detail Design. Subsequent chapters offer supporting information.

Peterborough Suds Guide

Introduction to SuDS

This guide discusses reducing flood risk, creating natural spaces for children to play, wildlife to flourish and communities to meet. How can we make our rivers and streams run smoothly and cleanly through our city? Can SuDS be the answer to water management in Peterborough?

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