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Formerly known as LASOO (Local Authority SuDS Officer Organisation) the Association of SuDS Authorities (ASA) can offer one voice to promote and provide consistency on SuDS Nationally.

Through discussions with Lead local Flood Authorities (LLFA’s) across the country support was given to the creation of a formal association supporting the delivery of sustainable drainage.

ASA is a member organisation whose aim is to promote and develop the use of sustainable drainage within all new developments.

ASA - Association Of SuDS Authorities


In 2012 Government started along the implementation of Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act, Defra created working groups to assess matters, including National Standards for SuDS.  These groups were active until June 2015 when Government elected to pursue alternative arrangements to deliver sustainable drainage.

Many benefits were gained by the sharing of knowledge between the officers within the working groups, not least the best practice guidance to the Non-statutory Technical Standards for SuDS.

With this background of partnership working, a wider group of LLFAs were approached to discuss the need for a national association and a committee of 20 authorities first met on 23 July 2014.

Collectively this group became known as Local Authority SuDS Officer Organisation (LASOO).


  • To share and promote good practice to enhance the effectiveness of sustainable drainage.
  • To own and develop the guidance for the Non-Statutory Technical Standards for Sustainable Drainage Systems.
  • To engage with Government in developing policy and regulation for surface water management.
Find out more by visiting the Association of SuDS Authorities website
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